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The contents of this page are a form of harmless, legal hacking What I think of Windows 2000

Stuff To Do With a Computer

These are all tweaks and changes to make to Windows(Windoze) that I have operating or have previously had operating so if you have problems then you can email me from the bottom of this page.

I strongly suggest that you do a full backup of your hard disk before you try any of this.

MP3 Files Shortcut Keys Edit Your Icons
Shortcuts In The Toolbar Startup/shutdown screens
Cabinet Files Modem Noise Remove Logoff From The Start Menu
Upgrade Version? Multilink
Voice Modems
Two Video Cards Restart Faster
Protect your PC Manage Your Finances Fax
Install Linux Windows Config. Sympatico Settings
Remove Shut Down(good prank) Free stuff you should have

Test some code


Slow Dialup?

Internet Phone

more to come...